Illustration by Dennis Detwiller ©2012

Illustration by Dennis Detwiller ©2012

Dennis Detwiller is an author, artist and video game designer. Since 1992, his books, card games and video games have entertained over 40 million people in 11 languages.

His work spans global hits such as Magic: The Gathering, the [PROTOTYPE] series for Activision, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Nickelodeon, to more personal creations, such as Delta Green, GODLIKE and Wild Talents

He is the four-time winner of the Origins Award for gaming, and two-time winner of the Ennie Award for RPG excellence

He has had: 

The #1 reviewed roleplaying product (Delta Green).

The #1 collectible card game (Magic: The Gathering).

The #1 console game ([PROTOTYPE], 2009).

And the #1 iOS game (TMNT: ROOFTOP RUN, 2013). 

He lives in Bothell, Washington with his wonderful wife Hilary and two awesome kids, Maya and Henry.

Clients Include: Warner Bros., Activision, Electronic Arts, Viacom, Lightstorm Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Sierra, Vivendi Universal, Ocean Pacific, Radical Entertainment, Emerald City Games, Darkhorse Comics, White Wolf Games, Steve Jackson Games, Hothead Games, PlayFirst, Green Ronin and more.


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