People throw the written word around like it was less than garbage. Like it was worthless.

Words can kill, my dear. Symbols twice over. They can teach others to kill. They're more dangerous than speech, though speech has its purposes. You can bury words, you can print them on a million sheets, you can tattoo them on your skin. 

Writing was created to cut open this world. That's the whole reason for it. What do they teach, the first civilized man appeared in Mesopotamia ten thousand years ago? Do you truck with such nonsense? Pity.

You really should know mankind had already come and gone and come and gone many times before this cycle.

We learned the written word from the others during the last one. It was a trap of course. Something that came to us in dreams. Write something down. Perfect the shape, unravel the world.

There is a symbol that makes fear, just like there's a shape of a line that can cut through steel and there is an oval that makes people go insane and a series of intercut lines that put you on the path to total control; that can pop a hole through and let you see forever. I've learned them all. It's taken time. But they work. 

I hired a guy, this guy with a etching machine, to cut the symbol into a pendant for me He'll see the symbol, but he won't understand it. It takes years. He won't LIVE with it. 

But I'll wear it. I'll use it.

And I'll see what I can see. I'll see what the words were made to do.