I found the inconsistency, first, in a duplicate record. Something stuck to the back of a file folder in the stacks. Personnel files and from the 1970's — maybe earlier. That's when this all started. That was eight months ago.

She says her name is Mary Hettu, but I know that's not true now, it was one of the first things I uncovered. Mary Hettu died in a house fire in 1975 in Burke Michigan, the week of her ninth birthday. She was black.

I had enough to expose her then, but I went deeper. Her fingerprints came back as Talia Esiet, native of Malta, born 6/6/22. Once the thread was out, I kept pulling on it, to see how far it could unravel. How long until it all fell apart revealing...what?

I confronted her with the picture I dug up on Esiet, a grainy black and white of an old lady standing on some Mediterranean beach, squinting. "Mary" looked at me, and there was something sad, something behind her eyes that made me disengage.

We've been together for a long time now, "Mary" and I, Since that night really.
I've been noticing things. Bad things, and it means either I have slipped or there's something about Mary Hettu I haven't yet uncovered. I'm three lifetimes back in her history, and I'm beginning to think this isn't some sort of con. Yet, I find myself attracted to her power. Something is wrong though, I know that, I'm not stupid. 

This morning, after she left for instance, there were reptilian scales the size of quarters in my sink.