The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man Update

The above is the cover to my long-awaited book THE SENSE OF THE SLEIGHT OF HAND MAN, coming soon. The almost final PDF is up for contributors on Kickstarter (only contributors have access to it), here. 

So, if we're almost done, what does the almost entail? Well, there's the traditional hunting of the wild PAGE XX's, as well as typos, creating an index, bookmarking hyperlinks for the final PDF and more. But the art and writing is DONE. I've said this before, but my brain feels like it deserves a second mention — the book, originally projected to be about 128 pages had ballooned to 292 pages of Lovecraftian goodness. 

Thanks for all who contributed. As I receive more and more final layout, I'll be updating the PDF file at the same link, so check from time to time. And yes, the book will be available through normal retail channels at some point in the future, after all contributors have their copy. 

Thanks, everyone, for the support!