Delta Green: Science and Intel

Delta Green is an odd organization. It employs a sort of Orwellian double-think when it comes to science, intel on Mythos creatures and “hyper-geometry” — the science of “magic”. When something anomalous is recovered, there is a limited inquiry by the group, not the kind of fascination such oddities would usually garner. The information is run up the flagpole to A-Cell.


Has the group seen it before? Are its methods, or methods to eliminate it known? If so, the specimen is discarded at the soonest opportunity. If not… many things can happen. A specialist (usually a Friendly) can be brought in, the specimen can be moved to a secure location for later study, or A-Cell can fear the recovery so much, they immediately order its destruction. 

Often, the motives of A-Cell are difficult to discern and their orders, though clear could mean so many things. Once a creature or item is catalogued (and such catalogues are kept only in the possession of A-Cell) this data sits and waits for another piece of intel to come in. 

There is no active comparison — no “correlation of contents” as it were — A-Cell knows the dangers of such endeavors. Instead, pains are taken to pursue leads (science, intel or other) only to the one step Delta Green is interested in: the destruction of the supernatural threat.  

Any investigation past that is considered too dangerous.

Often, however, Agents deviate from this path, particularly new Agents or Friendlies confronted with something in their field which is so staggeringly mind-boggling, they can’t seem to stop investigating it. 

A-Cell is clever. Under such situations, a “watch” is placed on Agents or Friendlies the conspiracy feels may wander off the path. Another Agent in the Cell monitors the suspect for signs of odd behavior, and more often than not, they can be pulled back from the edge before the obsession goes too far. Or, if they do cross that line, they can be eliminated.

Still, even in small bursts of information, knowledge of the Mythos is poisonous to the human mind. The concept that the entirety of human existence is nothing but a random alignment of elements into the semblance of order that will soon be swept away by alien horrors is too much for any healthy mind. Even the most hardened Agents will eventually begin to feel the nihilistic pull of such knowledge. From there, it is a slippery slope towards insanity.

As such, efforts are made to limit, control and destroy information on a level that Orwell’s Big Brother himself might have found extreme.