The Silent Age for iOS, an Overview

Download The Silent Age from iTunes

Download The Silent Age from iTunes

A beautiful game has leapt out of the shadows to engulf me. It is gorgeous. It is fun. It is moody. It's called The Silent Age: Episode OneIf you have an iOS device, go download it now (it's free, you have no excuse), and for those bemoaning Android now, the dev assures the world it is on its way.  

The game combines point-and-click adventure gaming, a beautiful art style,  an engaging story and kick-ass sound design  (play it with headphones!) into an awesome experience. 

I played through it in one sitting, and now I'm waiting on Episode Two. As of this post, they have crowdfunded approximately half the budget they need. If you play and enjoy Episode One,  join me in supporting Episode Two. 

I love the deft artistry of the game. It is a simple, coherent whole, with turns that make the point-and-click mechanic do some interesting new tricks. The art, setting and science fiction/horror aspects of the story are exactly my taste.

We need more games like this.