THE END OF EVERYTHING.  ©2013 Dennis Detwiller.

THE END OF EVERYTHING. ©2013 Dennis Detwiller.

"Magic". The word brings to mind top-hatted wizards in white gloves and the water escape, as well as classical fantasy old men marching through the wilderness, but in the world of Lovecraft, it is something very different. "Magic" is what men on the edge of science call the gap between human understanding of the universe and the apparent total omnipotence of the Great Old Ones. 
The Great Old Ones and the minions that serve them represent an intellect, power and history that dwarf the complete lineage of all life on Earth. After all to those beyond, Earth is simply an outpost, and all that has come in two billion years is nothing more than the runoff from these creatures' life processes. While these cosmic beings sleep, evolution has swept their waste forward into multitudes of creatures, including man. Despite apparent progress, we all remain what we actually are, waste; evolved shit from entities who cross time and space like we cross a street. 
Still, man is the most advanced shit on this planet, and our minds have grown more and more complex. Perhaps, in a perfect world, mankind might advance to the point of understanding and power of the Great Old Ones. Instead, it is clear, the Old Ones will wake long before this comes to pass, and destroy us all in a frenzy of power. Not in some directed sense, but in the sense of a forest fire burns the grass — we will perish and go unnoticed, killed as we rose up, as a side-effect.  

For now, our dim perception offers the best point of view from the slumber of the Great Old Ones, and they use us (some argue unconsciously) as portals, working plans to speed their waking, so they might rejoin the battle against other entities of their ilk.
This is where real magic comes from. 
Our Magic is science to the Great Old Ones, lighting our 50 watt bulb brains with 2,000,000 watts with a power that can never be properly understood. If, for one moment, a human could allow an ant to shoot another human with a 12-gauge shotgun — perhaps for disturbing its nest — this is a close analogy. Imagine the devastation of the recoil of the shotgun for a moment, from the ant's perspective — a repercussion which might wipe its nest completely from the world, even at the same time removing the threat. 
The Great Old Ones have their own plans and concepts which we will never see, and they have granted access to these "spells" since the dawn of humanity so these forces are not under their strict control. Still, like conventional science, instructions must be followed. Even worse, often, these instructions make no sense, or are seemingly useless, and as such, are ignored by unwary humans.

It is important to remember, even under the best, most controlled circumstances:

Magic can never be understood.