GODLIKE: Will to Power Available Now!


One of my favorite books, WILL TO POWER, a hit-list of Nazi enemies for the heroes of GODLIKE, is available as a pay-what-you-want book up on RPGnow. Check it out!



Will to Power: The Nazi Parahuman Program 1936-1945, details the machinations of RuSHA SA—Rasse-und Siedlungshauptamt Sonderabteilung A (“Race and Settlement Office Special Department A”)—the Nazi program to exploit its super-human population, called Übermenschen (literally “Over-men” or “Super-men”) in an attempt to defeat the Allied super-human population (simply called “Talents”).

This book contains a comprehensive examination of the RuSHA SA program from its inception to its destruction, including:

• The secrets behind the manifestation of the world’s first parahuman, Konrad Rahn—Der Flieger. 

• A detailed breakdown of RuSHA SA facilities, personnel and programs.

• An overview of the organization of the Waffen-SS.

• Insights into the Nazi super-spy program Wasserfall.

• An examination of the use of German super-humans in combat, battle by battle.

• A breakdown of what Allied intelligence knew about the Nazi parahuman program during the war.

• Game statistics and dossiers for eighteen of Germany’s most famous Übermenschen.

• A look at the equipment, weapons and tactics of the Waffen-SS.

• New rules, powers, Flaws and Extras useful in any GODLIKE game.