10 OCT 13

Case report. Operation PHAETON, addendum.

Update on the disappearance of Agent MARCUS on 01 DEC 02. 


It has come to our attention that footage recovered from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (image captured between 01 NOV 2010 to 22 JAN 2011), unknowingly integrated into the Google Moon images (searchable by the general public), have likely revealed the exit point to the [REDACTED] found on 28 JAN 01 at site OPAL. 

The images which the public have incorrectly identified as Lunar Orbiter III images (1967), show the shadow of a human form as it seems to stride across the surface of the moon. Intel recovered at site OPAL indicate the [REDACTED] to the surface of the moon within two kilometers of this location. 

What we are likely looking at is the remains of agent MARCUS, long dead, on the moon's surface. The [REDACTED] on site had approximately 18 hours of oxygen, and it is not likely the [REDACTED] could be reactivated from the far side.

Recommended course of action: none.