Dennis signs the kick-ass "The Gathering" book for a fan.

So. Another year, another GenCon. Was it bigger this year? I don't know, but it certainly FELT that way. I'd guess maybe 60,000 as a top attendance per day. The floor was bigger and it was PACKED. 

So, bad news first, THE SENSE OF THE SLEIGHT OF HAND MAN was up for the ENnies for best adventure. We didn't win. Bummer. But it was awesome to be nominated. At Arcdream it seems for every three nominations, we win an ENnie. So, if I can get three books nominated next year, we should be good. 

Still it was great to see FATE and Monte Cook games sweep a bunch of categories. And Ken Hite and Robin Laws had some big wins, which was awesome. 

I'm always gratified to meet fans and friends from afar and I ran into a ton of people who were known to me previously in name only. Signed and sold a ton of books, and strangely, autographed a TON of Magic cards. I don't know why, but I haven't signed so many Merfolk Assassins since the show was in Milwaukee. 

We had multiple Delta Green panels which were packed, and full of great people with cool questions.

The highlight of the show was running my new Delta Green scenario VISCID for the Arcdream team, and Ken Hite. A grand time was had, even a near total party kill derailed the investigation. Thanks to John Marron's relentless foreign service officers' dedication to the cause, the investigation was put back on track. 

My day job, Harebrained Schemes launched GOLEM ARCANA, a collectible minis game controlled by using a Bluetooth stylus on an iPad. It did fantastically well. Selling out on the second day. It WAS the minis game of the con. I'm very proud of the company, and the people there who struggled for months to make GOLEM ARCANA a reality. 

The crazed enthusiasm of the fans, and their love of Delta Green have filled me with a fire to create more material. It was a great show, and there's more to come.