MASK OF HUNAHPÚ (Oil, Acrylic, Chalk) ©2016 Dennis Detwiller

2015 was a great year for me. It represents the culmination of a ton of hard work, and the support of some amazing people (in particular) and other amazing people (in general). 

My video game, NECROPOLIS, the 3rd-person, action, roguelike,  (of diabolical dungeon delving) approaches the end of development with several bits of amazing news (coming soon). I mean, it has consistently punched above its weight on every front since the beginning. 

But, strangely, this was not the biggest news of the year for me. 

Delta Green has once again pushed its head above the waves on that nightmare island where it rested for so many years, (though there is no Alert or Johansen in sight, this time). The stars are RIGHT.

The fans took their positions like Marines at a cut off firebase, and just like that, in 30-days, we had enough money to fund an entire line of books. $400,000. Amazing.

And there's a ton of people to thank:

  • My wife and children come first of course, Hilary, Maya and Henry, without whom this work would have been completed two years earlier. 
  • Chris Kohnert, my creative partner on NECROPOLIS, and the guy who makes the magic happen.
  • Shane Ivey, my creative partner at ARCDREAM for far, far, too long.
  • John Tynes and Scott Glancy for joining up, one more time.
  • Greg Stolze and Ken Hite for digging in and making great stuff for Delta Green.
  • And everyone who supported the Delta Green Kickstarter. Thank you!

Happy 2016 everyone.