Hey guys, big news from the Detwiller ranch*.

First, we're in the layout phase of the DELTA GREEN AGENT'S HANDBOOK, and it's looking wondrous, thanks to the tireless efforts of Simeon Cogswell (I assure you, that is his name). We're also content complete on the DELTA GREEN HANDLER'S SCREEN, and it's ready for layout as well. I am also crazily working on writing the "Great Old Ones" section of the DELTA GREEN RPG COREBOOK. Both VISCID and OBSERVER EFFECT are ready for art (guess who has to paint it?) Thanks to the Delta Green Kickstarter, we are lunging forward at a pace Delta Green has never had before. It's so nice to work with John Tynes and Scott Glancy once again. I forgot how much I enjoyed arguing with their huge, huge, faces. 

Second, my video game and the monstrous devourer of most of my time to date, NECROPOLIS, is slouching towards Bethlehem — or a nearby PC — to be born. I am super proud that my baby, which began with just me and Chris Kohnert (programmer extraordinaire) shoved in a closet, is punching so far above its weight. There's big news coming early next month for the title, so stay tuned. 

Last, and certainly not least, after thirteen years in video games, when NECROPOLIS is ready for the masses, I am leaving Harebrained Schemes to become managing editor for Monte Cook Games. I've been a fan of Monte for years and we worked together on Call of Cthulhu D20 for WotC, way back in the day. Both Numenera and The Strange are marvelous, and I was a backer of both. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to help craft more, incredible products. 

What does this mean for Delta Green? Good things. Video games have eaten 12 hours of my day for the last 13 years. MCG is a remote work studio, with no central office. So my work will be from home, and outside of MCG core hours I will be able to work unfettered on Delta Green content (instead of waking up at 4:00 AM to squeeze in two hours of Delta Green in the morning before the rest of my day goes to video games). 

I will miss Harebrained Schemes and I’d like to thank Jordan Weisman and Mitch Gitelman for having me, but my choice was pretty clear. Pen and paper gaming is in the midst of a renaissance, and with the success of the Delta Green Kickstarter, as well as the opportunity at MCG, I felt I couldn’t risk missing out. 

*Ranch may in fact be a house.