NECROPOLIS Pre-Orders Begin February 2

NECROPOLIS, my roguelike, devious, dungeon delve is coming to Steam pre-order on February 2, and will be released March 17th. Oh, and it's 4-person online multiplayer too. Did I not mention that? Was that important?

You can see the game in action here. 

It has been an honor to build NECROPOLIS with the incredibly talented team at Harebrained Schemes, and it is more fun, and funnier, than I could ever imagine. There are more announcements to come, and a few other things we may have overlooked like the whole "oh yeah it's multiplayer" thing; and that news is coming soon.

So, follow the Brazen Head today on Twitter to keep on top of the announcements. 

Oh. One more secret. The truth is... I am the Brazen Head.