CTHULHU v. HASTUR by Kurt Komoda

When the Great Old Ones throw down, the Earth is their steel cage match. 

Become a Great Old One, and slam, smash, and obliterate your opponent in a 60-card throw-down to the doom. This fast and furious game sets up in seconds, plays in minutes, and is the definition of beer, pretzels and tentacles fun. Each 60-card deck represents a unique Great Old One. Collect them all and then humiliate your friends in pursuit of the ELDER BELT. 


A Game of Groans

How does WRESTLENOMICON play? Faster than guts through a Gug! Place MOVES on the table to line up SUMMONING CIRCLES and collect MARKS to bring your TAKEDOWN cards into play, to smash your opponent into the nth dimension. Drop ELDER SIGNS to cut off other players combos, and lose cards as you are damaged, slammed or smashed. The last player with any cards still in play, wins.

Each Old One comes with a  unique 60-card deck, filled with amazing art by Kurt Komoda, funny-ass writing by Dennis Detwiller and Shane Ivey and good old design chops from all three.


Kickstarter Plans

Where can I get this marvelous product, anonymous internet marketing voice? Well, we're going to go live on Kickstarter sometime in the near future to get this bad-boy rolling. We have the game, and we're ready to go. We just need to know you want it! 

The initial plan is for a single tuck-box containing two 60 card decks: Hastur the Unbreakable, and Cthulhu, the Blubber from Down Under. This set will have everything you need to smash each other into oblivion (and other nearby pocket dimensions).

Stretch goals will include new 60-card decks for: Nyarlathotep, the Bro-God, Lord of SwoleYog-Sothoth the All-In-What? and Azathoth, the Daemon Sultan of Slam. We have other Old Ones circling the ring, waiting for entry if these stretch goals are met. Once the game is live, we hope to update with new 60 card decks, and expand gameplay with city decks, and other fun additions to gameplay.


Who The Hell Are These Guys?

Kurt "Bring the Lightning" Komoda — An amazing, fast, and most important, reliable artist, Kurt brings the pain whenever called. It's never "what's an ovipositor?" or "why would Cthulhu shove the Statue of Liberty up Hastur's nose?" it's just "how does this look?" And you know what, it always looks awesome. Always.

Dennis "The Demon" Detwiller — The man who isn't there, or, at least, is many "theres" at once. As of this writing, he's working on nine books, two short stories, three illustrations, two card games, three video games, and two children. Holy crap, when you write it out like that, it sounds insane. Never come between the Demon and his ship date. 

Shane "The Rock" Ivey — The guy behind the guy, like the Great and Powerful Oz. But instead of screaming about not looking at the man behind the curtain, he'd secretly reach for a fully silenced HK MP5 to wipe out Dorothy and her meddling teammates and then set their corpses up as trophies on the gates of the emerald city. Shane makes things happen. He is the prime mover. He is Arc Dream's rock.  



Is this a Collectible Card Game?

Aw. Hells to the no. A deck of 60 cards is unique to a single Great Old One. Hastur, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep. With their own unique art, color scheme and card backing. Great Old One decks cannot be mixed. 

Is There a Playtest I Can Get In On?

If you're a member of Dennis Detwiller's Patreon you can get early access to the playtest rules and sets soon. 

How many people can play at once?

As many unique Great Old One decks you have on hand is the amount of people that can play. It can range from one-on-one, to a all out Elder Throw Down.

What's the play time look like?

What is time, really? Oh. Never mind. It's about 10 minutes for a 2 player match, with +5 minutes added per additional player. 

How Much?

We don't know, precisely. For the 120 card tuck box, something like a Munchkin box set. For a 60 card deck standalone, much, much cheaper. We do know one thing: getting in on the Kickstarter early will make it much cheaper to get into the fight. 

How are you guys so awesome? 

Aw. That's sweet. Go on! 

No seriously. Go on.